About SGC

Our History

SGC was established in 1985. It operated the underground Sunnyside Mine for a brief five years, from 1986 until 1991. During operations, SGC used modern mining techniques and adhered to modern environmental regulation. The Sunnyside Mine is located 8 miles north of Silverton, Colorado, part of the historic Eureka Mining District, in San Juan County.

Responsible operations and reclamation was always at the forefront for SGC. Once operations ceased, SGC closed the Mine in accordance with the law, its permits and a State-approved Consent Decree. SGC has satisfied all closure permits and obligations and has spent $30 million on reclamation and remediation over 30 years. SGC’s five years of responsible mining and subsequent successful reclamation and remediation in the Silverton Caldera both improved water quality in the Animas River.

For its reclamation efforts, SGC won the following awards:

  • Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award, from the National Mining Association, for long-time SGC employee Larry Perino
  • 2019 Environmental Excellence Award, from the American Exploration and Mining Association
  • 1994 Mined Land Reclamation Board Award, from the Mined Land Reclamation Board, Colorado Mining Association and the Colorado Rock Products Association.
  • 1987 Mined Land Reclamation Award, from the Mined Land Reclamation Division, Department of Natural Resources Colorado